Hello!  For those of you that donít know me, let me introduce myself.  As you guessed from the website, my name is David Mark Lopez and Iím an author of childrenís books.  Although writing is my passion, I havenít always been an author.  It wasnít until my daughter Maddie was about to turn 11 years old when I realized that I wanted to do something really special for her and decided to write her a book.  In doing so, I discovered a real love and passion for writing childrenís books and have continued my writing.  I also illustrate all the pictures in the stories as well.  I wouldnít consider myself a real artist, but I think the kids can relate to the pictures and get a feel for what is happening in the story.  Over the past few years I have had the privilege of sharing my books with over 200 schools, libraries and bookstores in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Nebraska and Massachusetts. I have a lively, interactive 30 minute presentation that is suitable for all 2nd - 5th graders.  Click on "Schedule A Reading" for more information.


Long before becoming an author, I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and grew up in the Kansas City area.  In 1983, I moved to Florida and later graduated from the University Of Miami School Of Law in 1988.  Now, although I still practice law, I have found that the world has much more adventure to offer.  But of course, married with three children will do that to you and open your eyes to all kinds of possibilities.


My family and I reside in Bonita Springs, Florida.  Besides enjoying the sunny Florida weather and beautiful beaches, I also enjoy several hobbies including snowboarding and mountain climbing; neither of which am I able to do in Florida though.   When Iím unable to go snowboarding or mountain climbing, I enjoy my days at home with my wife, playing with our kids, watching television, or just reading a good book.  I love to read history, the classics, and I really enjoy reading childrenís books, which is good because with three kids, I have a lot of childrenís books in my home! 


Iím sure that thereís much more that I could tell you about myself, but I donít want to bore you before youíve had a chance to explore my website and my books.  Besides, Iím more interested in the people that read my books and so I would love to hear from you and possibly meet you one day.  Feel free to drop me an email anytime. 


Very truly yours,