In the Magic Markers series, I give Maddie some magic markers which really turn out to be magical and they take her on factual historical journeys. In the first book, Walk Like An Egyptian, she goes back in time to meet Cleopatra and in the second, Ride Like An Indian, she participates in the Lewis & Clark Expedition. The books are intended to introduce 8 - 12 year olds to history in a humorous non-threatening manner and to expose them to strong female historical characters. They were both published in 2004.  In 2005 I published my third book, Run Like A Fugitive, which takes Maddie back to the end of the Civil War where she meets Harriet Tubman and attempts to stop the assassination of President Lincoln.   As I'm sure you guessed by its title, in Fly Like A Witch, Maddie's magic markers take her back in time to witness the Salem witch trials. In 2010 the series takes on a new twist in Fight Like A Patriot when my younger, Natalie, finds the markers and is whisked away to the era of British Redcoats and the signing of the Declaration of Independence!  My daughter, Maddie, and I have supported the books by giving readings/signings at elementary schools, book festivals and bookstores around the country. We have been invited to present the books at reading festivals all over Florida and I look forward to continuing that privilege with my daughter Natalie.  The books continue to receive great reviews. We hope you enjoy them as well!



Fight Like a Patriot 

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